Thursday, June 30, 2011

K is for Kyristan.

This is my first time participating in Alphabe-Thursday, check it out!!

K is for Kyristan, my little man K, who starts Kindergarten this Fall! 

I love the Preschool years, so many curious questions and funny thoughts.

“What’s that?”  “My elbow”  “Why is it on the outside?”

“Why’s this full of water?” (snowglobe)

Kicking a stuffed doggy down the stairs doesn’t hurt him, “he’s not real. “

If I have a nighttime accident, “the bed won’t get wet, my jammies will!”


“Mommy, when can I have a brother? “

“Call me K, like everyone else”

“It’s only a Gummy worm, it’s not real!”

“I gotta poop!” (while being fitted for a tux)(during a toast at the wedding)

“I’m not allowed to carry the eggs.”

“Why do you have a turtle?” (stuffed souvenir)

“What are you laughing at? “You”  “I’m not funny!”

Oh, my little man K, you are growing up so fast. I am going to miss the cute little things you say and do.  The kisses and hugs that you will grow out of, and the way you let me take a photo of you no matter what!

My little man is growing up, the love you bring to me gets bigger each day, to. K is for Kyristan, my little man K.

Jenny Matlock

COPYRIGHT T.K.Alexzander; June 2011.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nickel & Dime

Once upon a time
There was a young dime
Who wanted to marry a nickel
All the other dimes
Said “It is a crime,
To marry outside your circle.”

Dime was sad
Thought that law was bad
He asked, “Maybe we can change the rule?”
The dimes got mad
They said “Not even a tad”
To Dime, it was cruel.

Then one sunny day
In the month of May
Dime found a place to be free
Dime and Nickel ran away
And settled by the Bay
And now live happily

COPYRIGHT T.K.Alexzander, June 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

When Did You Get So Big?

When did you get so big, my love
You are growing up so fast.
I miss my baby boy, my love,
And his cute little laughs.

I want you to stop growing, my love
And be my baby forever.
I miss my baby boy, my love,
The cute things he said, so clever!

I know you must get bigger, my love
But I’d rather you stay small.
I miss my baby boy, my love,
His cuddles most of all.

Every day you grow, my love
You’ve become my little man
But I miss my baby boy, my love,
And holding his little hands

 COPYRIGHT June 2011 T.K.Alexzander