Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Detours & Shopping, blah.

I am going camping this weekend, so this morning I ran over to the West side to get the groceries and  borrow a cooler from my parents; Mom had sent it in with dad this morning when he went to work. I got halfway down Fairville Boulevard and I see a big detour sign. Boo. So, up one of the side streets I went to Manawagonish (pronounced Man-o-wog-an-ish) Road, there are several streets connecting the two. I figured it would be easiest to drop back down the last one, at Purdy’s corner, since it is about 2 car lengths from Dad’s work and would be easiest. Well, didn’t I get up to the lights and that road was closed to! So I had to go even further out of my way, all the way down Manawagonish to the end, and backtrack up Fairville. Boo, I hate construction. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, it is 10 AM and I have to make several other stops and be home by Noon to get everything away and get ready for work.
After picking up the cooler, I ran to the dollar store to get some ice packs and an extra flashlight. I was also looking for marshmallow sticks, but I could not find them. I get up to the register and the girl working said their debit machines were down. Usually I do not carry cash, but this morning I found 45 dollars under my keyboard that I had stuck there over the weekend. I am glad I brought it with me!
After the Dollar store was the Bulk Barn, marshmallows, graham crackers, and a few ingredients for a recipe I want to try. And I was lucky, most of the things I needed were on sale!
My last stop was supposed to be the grocery store. They had a sign stating their debit machines were down to. After the first two stores, I am down to 25 dollars. I automatically cut my list in half, I can get the ‘house’ stuff another day, I just need to get the camping stuff today. Bacon, pop, juice, bread, cheese and some chocolate. With more luck, my total came to 24 dollars and change.  
Since it was only 11, I figured I would have time to stop at the Pharmacy and get some more conditioner. Of course, I could not find the brand I wanted, but found another that will hopefully work as well. I was in and out of there, so I decided to pop over to Zellers to try and find the marshmallow sticks. I found some nice bamboo ones for cheap, all the summer stuff is on sale; they were also putting up the Back to School displays, it seems to appear earlier every year. While I was in there, I found a nice shirt I can wear to work for only 10 dollars, so I picked that up as well. There was a huge bra sale, so I tried on a dozen, but nothing fit right. Boo. I was getting cranky and realized it was because I was hungry, so I checked the time and saw it was noon already! Yikes! Time flies in the dressing rooms!  So, I cashed out, spun through the drive through for a Happy Meal and ate lunch on my way home.
Where I encountered more construction, boo. But no detours, thankfully.
So that was my adventuresome morning, and now I am sitting at work, waiting for the weekend.

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