Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend part 2

Oh, what a weekend! I didn’t even have time to write, I was constantly on the go!
Saturday, K and I went to see the Buskers. We watched one show, but wanted to go home after I told him I hadn’t any money for the rides. So, we went back home and spent the afternoon in the backyard kicking a ball around. We made dinner for his Mommy and then went back to the Buskers in the evening. His Mommy had the change, so she took him on a ride and then we watched two more shows. One was the East Cost Lumberjack show, they did cutting competitions, a log rolling demonstration, and they raced up huge poles that resembled trunks of trees deep in the forest.

Sunday, I went for a drive. We just bopped along, stopped for dinner and then a bit later, ice cream, and later still, coffee. Then we came home and watched a couple movies. It was such a relaxing day; I got to see a lot of scenic farmland, and got a whiff of some very stinky cows :-)

Now, I am counting the days down to next weekend, we are going camping! It has been a long time since I have gone camping, and I can’t wait! The weather man is calling for rain Saturday, but usually it changes ten times between Monday and Saturday, fingers crossed for sun!!
Happy Monday!

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