Friday, July 22, 2011


What can I write about today? I am excited for tomorrow! Last night was the first day of Buskers on the Boardwalk. It is an annual festival where Buskers descend on Uptown Saint John for four days of fun! I am planning on taking K to some of the shows tomorrow afternoon, then we are going to go home and cook dinner for some guests, and after dinner all of us will go back Uptown to take in a few other shows.
I have gone to the Buskers shows every year for the last four. Usually at least one day it gets rained out. This year, it was last night. It had been foggy all day, and then suddenly it got cloudy, yet very bright, and the skies opened up. The rain literally came down in sheets for about fifteen minutes at about nine o’clock last night.  We could hear low thunder and an hour later when I was driving home from work, I could still see lightening out over the Bay of Fundy.  It was kind of eerie.
So, it is almost the weekend, and here’s hoping it is going to be a good one! Actually, I am going to be sure it is a good one!! 

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