Tuesday, July 19, 2011

“You’re nothing short of my everything” – Ralph Block

“You’re nothing short of my everything” – Ralph Block

I started this blog to have a spot for my writing, but guess what? I only seem to have a Winter muse. I can usually write a lot in the Winter; but Spring and Summer comes along, and bang! My muse goes on vacation. I wish I could go to. So today I decided to just start writing. Journaling, babbling, call it what you will, I decided to just start writing.
So step one was I needed inspiration. Sometimes when I am bored, I will go to Google and type in random letters, just to see what the auto complete has to say. Today, I started with Q, and the first thing that came up was ‘quotes’.  I clicked on Images and got a massive amount of results, so I just started scrolling through them. Finally I found the above quote, and I decided this was the one I wanted to write about today.
My everything is a little man named K. He is my nephew and he turned 5 about three months ago. He is the cutest little boy on the planet; and yes I know I am a bit biased, but I have about a dozen people who back up my opinion! Someday, my everything will expand to hopefully include a husband and children of my own, but for now K holds my heart in his little hands.
So starting today, I am going to write a bit each day. About my day, about my little man K, about the world around me in beautiful Saint John. Hey, maybe my muse will come back!
See ya around!

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