Tuesday, August 2, 2011


It has been thundering & lightning off and on all day. I don’t mind thunder, but I know a few people who are afraid of it. I love to watch a good lightning storm; the chains in a black sky are so beautiful.
It is supposed to rain all week, as much as I think that that much rain is depressing, we need it. It has been super hot here for the last few weeks, and a nice cool week is nice so I can catch up on my baking. My cookie jar has been empty for almost three weeks because it has been too hot to turn on the oven!
I have tried to take pictures of lightning, but around here we mostly get sheet instead of chain. Sheet lightning is the type that lights up the entire sky, a giant flash. We usually only get one or two good thunder storms a summer in the city; but many mornings my friends who live just outside of the city have asked me ‘did you hear that thunder last night?’
Ka-Boom; I like it best when you can feel the house shake beneath your feet from the thunder. Best of all, I enjoy watching from a safe distance!

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