Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It has been a busy couple of days, I honestly have not had time to write, which is unusual. This week has gone fast; it is halfway to the weekend already. Last weekend was nice, it was sunny Saturday we went shopping for new clothes and got some good deals. Then we went to the drive in and saw the new Smurfs movie, it was great! The second movie playing the night was called Friends with Benefits, it was meh; we ended up leaving half way through.
Sunday morning dawned bright and early, I hung out with K for a few hours; we went shopping for a first birthday gift for our baby cousin, and then we had Happy Meals for lunch. K got to order and pay for his own; he is a little shy while talking to strangers, but I think he did well.
Sunday afternoon we went for a drive. Even though it was raining, it was still nice. Eventually we made it back home and spent the evening on the couch watching movies.
Since it started raining Sunday afternoon, it has not stopped. Monday morning was really bad, and I had to walk to the library to return some books. I was lucky that it had eased off to almost a sprinkle on my walk to the library, but I get soaked walking back.
Because it was still raining Tuesday morning, I spent the day in the kitchen making Manicotti for dinner. A nice comforting meal on a rainy day, it was my first time trying the recipe and it turned out well.
This morning, still raining. It is supposed to continue until lunchtime tomorrow and then clear up until Sunday afternoon…then more rain most of next week. August is supposed to be the warmest month of our summer, but so far it is a bust. On Saturday’s shopping trip I got a nice sundress, but the way it is going I will not be wearing it this summer!

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