Thursday, August 4, 2011


I was out today returning a borrowed cooler from last weekend’s camping adventure when I decided to get a hamburger for lunch. Instead of getting a huge greasy burger and fries, I opted for a smaller portion and got a kid’s meal. In my little box was a small Smurf; Brainy Smurf, my favorite Smurf when I was a child.

If the weather cooperates, we are planning on going to the drive in this weekend. They always play two movies and this weekend’s first pick is the new Smurfs movie. I know a few people who have seen it already and they say it is really good, so I am looking forward to it.
When I was a kid, we would watch the Smurfs cartoons regularly; it was one of my favorite shows. My Dad absolutely hates them, he has never really said why, just that he can’t stand the little blue creatures. I always liked them, and will still watch the cartoon once in awhile if I happen to come across it.
I suppose with the new movie, they will probably give the cartoon a reboot sometime in the next year as well. I am kind of in the camp that they should leave well enough alone and don’t mess with the classics, but it is kind of neat to see my favorite childhood shows making a comeback.
How about Jem next summer?

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