Hello, thanks for stopping by!

I am a writer; I have been for many years. I am not published or anything, yet anyway, but I love to tap away on my keyboard.

I am a 30 year old, living in Saint John, New Brunswick; In case you were wondering, that is in Canada. I started out writing in school, stories for class assignments, etc. I never really gave it much thought until I stumbled onto the Fan Fiction world when I was about 19. I wrote a few Fan Fiction stories for two different shows, and then from there branched out onto original work.

Every once in awhile, I will hack out a poem or two. Usually I write these best when I am bored. I find it easiest to write when I am listening to music; it seems to help the words flow.

After writing stories off and on for a few years, I wandered into the world of Blogging. Under another nom de plume, I have a food/recipe blog and a photography blog.

Some of the stuff on here is pretty old. I am basically just moving things over from other websites. I am going to try to date everything as I post it. Small poems and stories will  be posted as is. A large story I am working on will have its own tab.

Please! Do not take my work! Please, let me know what you think of my work! And again, thanks for stopping by!